Ivory Shawls (1)
Rose Vif Marwari

Aesthetic Alterations is a visual diary of enamored living guided by a passion for art, textiles, and the beautifully made object.

Born in Germany and raised in Kentucky, I have lived and traveled all over the United States and the world, from Western Europe to India.  Academically trained in art history, I set aside university teaching to build a career as a fine-art photographer and to establish a successful business as a developmental editor mentoring writers of fiction and nonfiction.   Currently I reside in New York City.

My passion for the beautifully made extends into my closet.  I collect Baccarat and Lalique crystal, Hermès silks and leather, Japanese avant-garde clothing, and sturdy riding boots.  I’ve researched sari production throughout India, catalogued textile collections, and written a master’s thesis on the intersection of art and avant-garde fashion design.

Aesthetic Alterations is a space for sharing the pieces, events, food, and moments of life that arrest me.  And through this sharing I’ve been fortunate to cultivate friendships with incredible women around the world.

I welcome you and hope you will join in.