Suede Dress


A suede dress for a chilly morning…


Time to pull out the big shearling monster coat…

I’ve never fallen out of love with this years-old BCBG snakeskin print leggings…


Hello again.

As maybe the background of these photos indicate, I’ve been making some major moves in my life, and they’ve taken all the energy I can muster.  I moved, for one.  I now live in a studio filled, filled, filled with light—and in an area of the city so calm I can hear birds singing and the wind blowing through the trees.  I needed both these things.  Light and quiet.

I also did some travel.  I went back home to Kentucky, then I went to Chicago.  Both trips with my beloved.




Red State BBQ, middle of nowhere in Kentucky

Red State BBQ, middle of nowhere in Kentucky


The time with my love was fantastic, but unfortunately the travel upended my body’s delicate balance…so right now I’m back to the beginning, trying to teach it to eat, trying to get through the days and nights with bearable amounts of pain.  So it goes.

And this effort is very important—because I’ve bought my tickets for my next big trip.  This time, I’m taking almost four months, and for all of it, I’ll be on the move.  I figure: Try.  If it doesn’t work, if my body collapses, I can come home.  Or stay in the south of Spain.  Or stay wherever.  But if it does…it will be a trip of a lifetime.  A terrific present for turning forty-five…

The trip starts in a bit more than a month from now.  First Paris, then Lyon.  Then…onward…

So much to do beforehand.  Especially work related.  For instance, I have to finish the book I’ve been ghostwriting.  Yes, yes, ghostwriting.  Another new thing…

When I think about my wardrobe right now, it’s all directed to the trip.  I will be carrying only a small carry-on.  Every item needs to carefully chosen and do its job perfectly.  The main job is ease of movement for photography.  No fuss.  Black or gray.  Light.  Able to be layered.

Oddly enough, I think this suede dress/tunic is making the cut.  It can take me everywhere.

The Hermés scarf and jewelry, on the other hand…I think they’ll stay home…

How have you been?

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  1. Im so happy to see you here and that love has been treating you good. I love a packing post, if you have time to share.

    Enjoy your work, travels, love, and life. Happy bday! (Ps do you need a personal assistant? ;P joking!)

  2. Dear Catherine,
    Your suede dress is amazing, you wear it so well. And I like the snakeskin leggings very much too ! You are right these two pieces are so strong that no scarf or jewelry is needed.
    I am sad to hear that you still suffer. It is crazy that the pain can not be treated (even if the illness not). Why not seeing a doctor in an hospital when you will be in Paris ? With my experience, I know that I have to see many doctors before having the right answer.
    Hopefully your personal life is filled with love and joy. You are blessed because it is not easy to find the right person!
    Take care,

  3. Hello Dear AA! How nice to read a new post! It’s great to know you have been travelling and moved into a quieter place! I am sending a lot of strength for your health! You set such a wonderful example of resilience and determination!

    When were you in Chicago? We may have been there at the same time 🙂 !
    I returned last week …mine was a really bad business trip with unpleasant coworkers and boss and stops in Florida and Indiana (that may have something to do with lack of shared values and conversation tastes !) and last beautiful in Chicago …where I also got stranded (un)happily stranded for few days. The big news from me is that I have a new job, after little time though, I am already down on earth and a bit bruised …I had better expectations at the start (aka wrong/wishful thinking ?:) ….it is still a good opportunity but I should really be thinking of the wonderful discussion we had in Paris last summer! Of course do let me now if you have time to meet once you are over here, I will soon be back in the USA for Thanksgiving then be back here.

    All the best,

  4. I’m happy to see your posts again. I always enjoy reading them. You look teriffic!! A soft, relaxed, happy appearance including your choice of lipstick! It’s sad to know you are still having digestive problems. I wish there was a way to control them since it appears to interfere with your life.
    All the best on your upcoming travels. Hoping they will be in good health. I lived in for a year Chicago & been through Kentucky. Thought Chicagoans were some of the friendliest people I met – just too cold for me & I need to live by an ocean. I’ve been to some of the European cities you plan to visit. If all goes well you will have an amazing time!!!

  5. You look great! I know you’re struggling with health issues, but one would never know it by looking at you. I have a number of autoimmune issues and I know how chronic illness can be a day-to-day challenge. Here’s to finding a resolution that works and a wonderful traveling adventure.

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