Leather & Silver(y) Rings
Leather & Silver(y) Rings

Exploring Silhouettes (Alterations, Continued…)

Off-the-shoulder leather jacket/blouson by Theory—along with an embossed version of Theory’s ring-handle evening bag.  Worn with Hermès silver Mombassa neckring and Initial ring.


I told you, when finally returning to the blog after a challenging summer, pretty much everything felt in flux.

That included, and still includes, my wardrobe.

The body is, of course, or at least for now, is the foundation for clothes—and my body has been shifting in unknown ways to me these past months.  I arrived back in New York needing “new”—not only new basics but also new, or at least tweaked, silhouettes.  Once-favorite things look stupid (looking at you, oh stack of Issey Miyake), though thankfully some old friends remain true—Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses are stalwart.

As I’ve been dipping into stores on the weekends, I’ve let myself explore cuts and looks different from before.  Why not?  That person and body pre-Paris feels dipped in sepia, and the person–body pre-Cuba feels positively alien.  Here’s a moment to search patiently for the perfect pants, the perfect skirt (though that might have been hiding in my closet still, I realized this morning), the perfect (not heavy moto) leather jacket (though, so far, I’m keeping all the heavy motos).

Meet the off-the-shoulder Theory leather blouson-jacket from the new collection:

Taking a longer view of the jacket…worn with J Crew stretchy trousers.


I touched this jacket as it hung on the rack, and I was a goner.  Buttery, buttery soft.  So light.  Black, but not shiny new black.  Cut for a waist.  Did I say butter, butter, butter-li-cious soft?

And so comfortable on.

My fall is quickly filling up with all sorts of already-calendared and waiting-for-dates events.  Concerts, dance, museum receptions, jazz clubs, apéros… and then there’s the French Noel and the post-holiday winter in Europe.  Which is to say: I have an opening for a leather jacket I could wear day and night for the next six months—light enough to toss in a carry-on suitcase, able to sexify-down with a thin turtleneck under it.  A “layering” leather jacket, rather than an undisputed topper.

So, I took it home.

Leather & Silver(y) Rings


By the way… I am so out of practice… Can this be the moment when I admit how silly I feel photographing what I wear?  Expect awkwardness.  But delight to share.

In the end, I’m not sure who was more excited about my taking the jacket—me (who gave a little hop and clap after swiping the card, a sure sign of sartorial love) or the sales team.  The trio, plus others, gathered round, grins on all—as for some reason they presented me with the little ring-handle evening bag to “take on my date” with my beloved.  Because I was sweet, they said, “the kindest customer.”  What they couldn’t, couldn’t know is that I’ve been looking at those ring-handled bags for months now!  I love that architectural touch.  So I declared I just had to be French and give kisses—and kisses and bear-hugs followed.

I’m wondering what my Kentucky family would think if I showed up (plane tickets bought!) wearing this jacket? Mock-turtleneck underneath.  And jeans.

I plan on wearing this until it gives out.

Any piece exciting you for autumn?

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  1. YES!!! omg that jacket fits you PERFECTLY, absolutely PERFECTLY. Meant to be, made for you. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Well done Theory! The bag and the silvers are absolutely perfect compliments to it. And what a lovely memory associated with it, it was something online shopping can’t replace.

    Can the perfect pants be found @ Theory as well? They are known for the fits.

    I’ve since sold off my Issey Miyake stuff too. The scarf, very shortly after purchase (too cumbersome, overwhelming, and uncomfortable in the heat), and the skirt, within the last year. Nothing “wrong” with it, but no longer (or perhaps never was) in line with me/have other pieces that I prefer to wear instead. The piece that excited me most recently, is my black and gold sequins absolutely INSANE Rick Owens jacket. I need another jacket like I need a hole in the head. I kept telling myself: “H you are not Michael Jackson, you are not Gaga. You have a lot of jackets that you don’t even get to wear (**side eye crazy Gaultier jacket**). You don’t need another. Send it back.” I admit I ordered several things Rick & Gareth Pugh just to see them in person and see the craftsmanship on the Rick Sphinx jackets , no intention of keeping, but this one pulled on my soul too much–so I kept it. When I felt so blahhh about everything it was such a shock to feel really, really excited about stuff. And prior to that I bought a Baccarat ring and a different Rick jacket and I was like yeah okay that’s nice, and that was that.

    I enjoy Gareth Pugh but I can never make his clothes fit into my real life–not that a black and gold super bling wool jacket fits into my real life either but I could leave my closet wearing it–vs. Gareth Pugh there is no way. I see/try things and I say “if I were in love, I’d wear that.” So I’m happy that I can live vicariously through the delicious aesthetic joy of your experience.

    1. Thank you, Pret a Porter P. 🙂

      Alas, I don’t find that Theory fits me well for trousers—which isn’t too much them as my shape. I find trousers and jeans the worst, worst things to find. A reason I still have my set of Issey Miyake pleated pants. I accepted these J Crew spongey trousers as an acceptable solution for right now. I did find the perfect pair for shape from Milly, but the fabric was too thin. I really don’t understand why trousers aren’t lined anymore.

      You make me very excited with your description of this gold sequined jacket. In fact, because of your incredible aesthetic, I’ve been looking at Rick Owens lately. Online. Not in life quite yet. But there’s something cozy, edgy, and elegant about those shapes, all at the same time.

      1. I recommend you go straight to the mainline Rick Owens stuff. I could see you in the bias pants:
        This is beautiful with knits or tailored blazer.

        Just a heads up on Lilies–it’s beautiful–BUT it will show wear and tear.

        I don’t have much experience with their leathers (not needed where I live), but I believe they make them in so many various weights/textures and styles that range from the signature Rick Owens version to a more standard motorcycle jacket (“Stooges” jacket). They also produce the same pieces season after season, so if you miss it one season/year, you can find it again.

        1. Thank you, PaPP!

          I wondered that about the Lilies, so thank you for confirming my suspicions. I’ll go to the mainline like suggested. My first stop will likely be a leather jacket, as I’ve been looking at those for so long now. I can see myself in some of the simpler asymmetrical cuts, though I love the hip-wingy ones visually! I have some things to send back to a store in the next days…maybe exchange for a RO to try out!

  2. It is nice to see your posts again. I hope you are feeling progressively better. I happen to prefer this silloutte to the Issey Miyake for you. It is much more flattering! Transformations in life are a necessary part of growth & keeping current. Keeping on to parts that are integral to one’s character and embracing necessary change.
    I love to read your thoughts & see your pictures. Please keep them coming. Aesthetic Alterations is a part of your readers transformations as well!!

    1. Thank you, K. I still identify with Issey Miyake, and there’s a small selection I’ve kept…but I find them now hard to move in, rather than freeing like before. This feels easy. Which makes it perfect for this moment!

  3. Beautiful jacket which fits perfectly on you and the added bonus the bag.

    Apologies for not letting you know how good your photos of Cuba were and that goes for France as well. They were all brilliant. Here’s to better days for your health and that you are coping well.

  4. My goodness, it is so rare to find such a perfect fit off the peg. It looks so elegant on you but at the same time sexy, classic but with a twist. You did right to snap it up. Susan, London

  5. This is a beautiful jacket, unique and very flattering. I was reading about fall fashion in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar and some things you have been wearing for a while were mentioned. DvF dresses, shearling coats, florals, the color red. Made me think how fashion forward you are. I am so glad you shared this outfit and hope the jacket enwraps you in its soft touch.

    1. Thank you, Tanja. It gives me a laugh to think of myself as fashion forward, especially as things like red, DvF and shearling seem like perennials. The thing I need to remember is how much I love them, so stop exploring other dress/winter coat/color options!

      Right now, I seem all about leather…Maybe that preparation for winter…

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