Hermès Silver Kelly Dog MM & A 32cm Plume In Chèvre De Coromandel
Hermès Silver Kelly Dog MM & a 32cm Plume in Chèvre de Coromandel

A Duo of Alterations

Chèvre de Coromandel 32cm Plume in what I believe is Cocoan


The past few weeks have raced past me.  Between work, health, love, and pulling this winter’s and spring’s photographic collections together, I’ve been nursing that midnight oil most days.  It’s been worth it—several key things are coming together.  That includes a possible diagnosis for what’s been happening to me over the past years.  While I want to hold off talking about it until things are more definite (including treatment), I can say it’s not stress or wheat or gluten or milk or one of the other common causes of inflammation or pain in our agriculturally challenged moment.  “It” might also be a combination of diagnosis across my body, and as the specialists rack up, I hope to have more definitive answers by end of summer.  We’ll see.  What I’m happy about is the start of momentum toward solutions.

The summer also involves other happy details—like flying off to Paris in less than two weeks.  I don’t know how I’ll find the time to pack, so it’s good I can just grab my most-used things and know it will all be okay.  Those much-used things include two new beauties.  It’s well known how much I love Hermès heavy silver, so I couldn’t resist the Kelly Dog MM cuff any longer.  I also succumbed to the temptation of rain-proof Chèvre de Coromandel, this time in the form of a 32cm Plume.  When heading to Paris, having a great rain-proof bag is ideal—and the three kickers for me are 1) it fits over the shoulder, 2) it fits my camera(s), and 3) it works with browns, grays, and blacks equally.

What shape have your pre-summer alterations been taking?

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  1. Congrats on the two new acquisitions – beautiful neutral pieces! I have been adding pre-owned Chanel skirts to my wardrobe, taking advantage of some of the great prices on the Real Real website. The silk lining feels so much nicer against the skin and I just love the classic tweeds and detailing. Add a solid silk shirt on top and an H scarf, and I’m ready for my work day!

  2. I was so happy to see this in my inbox this morning! Hurrah for the promise of solutions.

    My alterations are pretty broad–I’m adding color to an Eileen Fisher-dominated wardrobe. Not sure what’s hit me after years and years of neutrals, but it feels visceral and I’m going with it.

  3. Another reader happy to see this post and to hear that you’re doing better and getting some answers. I do wonder how you’re doing when we don’t hear from you but I don’t want to be too intrusive by contacting you directly. We do miss you!

    Yes! You’re Plume is indeed Cocoan. My first H bag ever was a Cocoan CdeC Kelly 32 a very long time ago. If I had to keep only one H item and get rid of all the rest, she would be the keeper. And in a Plume no less! Swooning……. love the cool purple undertones, don’t you? Gorgeous versatile color/leather combo.

    Thanks to you, I’ve “discovered” The Real Real and it’s replaced my decade long EBay habit. I just found my Grail Celine hobo in barenia saddle leather in pristine condition (!!) and an H Alea choker (that also works as a double wrap bracelet) there. Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy. Still searching for the perfect espadrilles.

    Enjoy Paris!

  4. I’m going to France in two weeks as well 🙂 Very excited! I love your new additions, especially the bracelet. It does seem so you. I’m considering adding a trim 31 before going (definitely due to your influence) but am hesitant only because I like the profile of the I better (slim bottom) but the zipper of the II (security). Other than that, I’ve been trying to pick up light weight, long sleeve cotton and linen blouses this season to keep cool but protect from the sun (although New York has been so chilly). Have a great time in France, I would love to hear any plans!

  5. Delighted to see your post! After your last post I was rather worried but did not want to intrude by sending an email. Glad to hear your health issues are being addressed and hope you make a full recovery soon.
    Love the Plume- I have yet to take the plunge but perhaps if an old Rouge H box showed up at a good price. Please share if it is a practical design for city life once you’ve had it for a while.

  6. Cheering and clapping for the Chèvre Plume ,it’s the sister of my Gulliver Plume 32 in a very similar colour which I’ve never been able to name accurately , but with the same purple undertones and a little apricot over stitching on the handle bases.
    Anyway it’s hands down my favourite go to bag. with the low key vibe , roominess and ease of use.
    Having been in France for 5 weeks the only h I’ve wanted to use are my 70cm cotton square (great for drying. off after an unplanned swim and invaluable to protect hair in the sun).and my cotton pareo which doubles as a throw on shawl.
    I’m questioning the need of many of my pieces now, but maybe re entering City life next week will change my mind!
    Bonnes Vacances en France , and stay well. xxx

  7. Echoing others’ reactions re your health. I imagine answers will be a relief in themselves. Congratulations on the new acquisitions.. The Plume continues to entice .e, but the one for me has not appeared yet.

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