A fountain at the back of the Trianon Palace in Versailles

I’ve spent the past days softly re-entering the world of New York, re-entering my everyday life.  I’ve shopped for groceries and done errands.  I had French pastries (of course!) from Maison Kayser with a dear friend.  And I had the dearest days with my beloved.  I hadn’t been back in the States for even a few hours before we planned a spring getaway for us two.  Yes, this seems it will be a year of amazing travel, and I can’t imagine a more wondrous way to do it than in the arms of the one who makes my heart flutter.

I continue to glow in the experience of Paris and Versailles, and so the blog and my Instagram account will continue to reveal moments of my time there.  I will also take a few minutes this week to photograph my winter approach to Parisian style in all its very basic nature.  I continue to be amazed that I brought only a quarter of a Muji carry-on of clothing.  Two or three times that space was given over to photographic and computing equipment!  And I really didn’t miss anything hanging in the closet at home—not a single thing.  Once more, I return with a deeper realization of how much I carry as part of my everyday life.

So I plan to weigh with greater consideration the impact and importance of whatever I bring into my world this year.  I mean purchases, but also experiences and friendships and new tastes and sensations.  I see this consideration as a part of cherishing what is in my life.  That seems to the way to be fulfilled.


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  1. These are profound understandings you’ve brought back to your NYC life. What a huge conversation is encapsulated in this meditation. Oh how well I understand the ‘soft reentry’ .
    The Instagram feed was wonderful – may it continue
    (I’m hmp in the comments 😉)!

  2. A wondrous depiction of Versailles dear C! I hope you will continue to offer prints of your work . Do let us know when you are able to do this! Enjoy this period reflection and good health to you,

    1. Dear Lanit, You are amazing and so kind. Yes, I will be offering prints—and have finally brought almost all the pieces together. Shipping is the last element, so I will let you know soon. Thank you for asking about this. It brought happiness for many days.

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