Hôtel De Ville, Paris
Hôtel de Ville, Paris

Chasing Clouds Down the Seine

The Louvre, under an impending storm

Pont Alexandre III

The Louvre under a deluge

Hôtel de Ville, Paris

Nôtre Dame, Paris


The last part of my trip has been wet, even stormy.  This can make meandering through the city a bone-chilling affair, but I cannot resist how the clouds transform Paris.  I’ve gone up and down the Seine, chasing clouds, and these hours have been maybe the most glorious of this short, blessed time here.

Tomorrow I head home.  I head also back to my beloved, so happiness is assured.  It is never easy to leave this beautiful city, of course, but I’ll be returning in a few months, which makes it possible to go.  For now.  I bring back many photographs and some perfume; I am both more foot-tired and more energized than before I left New York.  It was inspiring—as it always is.

What has been inspiring you?

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  1. Oh what perfume(s!)?

    Very beautiful photographs C. Thank you for sharing your eye and those gorgeous images.

  2. Love your Paris posts..they always take me back to my time there. Thankyou. I wish we had smell blogs..would love to experience your fragrance collection

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