Place Des Vogses, Paris
Place des Vogses, Paris

Birthday Wishes

Place des Vogses, Paris

Place des Vogses, Paris


Today is my birthday, but a different type of post is more fitting.  I was reading through various books on Paris yesterday afternoon and evening, preparing for my spring trip, when the news broke about the terrorist attacks.  The news is devastating.

My birthday wish is that my friends there—and their friends and family—are well and happy and loved.

May there be peace in the world.


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  1. Dear Catherine,
    Happy birthday !!! I am waiting for seeing you next April.
    Thanks for your support and your nice words…
    Ps : could you give me your new adress in order to send you Louise’s faire-part de naissance

  2. I still can’t make sense of the vile attacks last night, we are still in shock and as DH is Parisian checking on family and friends.
    Your birthday is still a milestone for personal celebration, I hope things today may bring you joy .
    I’m with you on wishing for Peace, we can only hope.

  3. Happy birthday Catherine. The acts are truly horrific. I would say “come hell or high water” im going to paris next month, hell came first.
    My heart is with the people of Paris and I wish for peace and safe travels.

  4. Dear Catherine,
    It is a somber feeling that overcomes one with these events.
    I wish you all the best on your birthday, hopefully, you are able to celebrate with friends and loved ones. Have a wonderful, happy and fulfilled year to come.

  5. Happy Birthday C!

    May this turn around the sun bring you much joy and safe travels, and your wish for peace and harmony come true, hugs, L.

  6. Happy Birthday. Though there is sadness with the incomprehensible tragedy in Paris, I hope you found some happiness on your special day. This has been a difficult year for the French and I’m thinking you also. Let pray for peace in the world & ourselves.

  7. Belated Happy Birthday! May all your endeavours be fruitful over the next year!

    Re Paris: Thankfully my Parisian family members are safe and sound, I am actually going to Paris later this week on what was meant to be a fun trip…

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