A Silver Ring Ordered From Paris: The Parade GM.
A silver ring ordered from Paris: the Parade GM.


Parade sterling silver ring

Hermès Parade sterling silver ring

Parade sterling silver ring

I love the play of light against the surface.

A silver ring ordered from Paris: the Parade GM.

. . . with the Tibetole yak stole and Graphite CdC cuff and the yummiest Normandy-ish fisherman cardigan to stay toasty warm against spring rain (Eric Bompard) . . . 


Thank you for helping me celebrate my fall, trip, SPLAT into silver as 2015 ramps up.  Plus, it’s always fun to pull out the Marwari shawls, whether for backdrops or for preparing to head out into the Parade of Life.  And right now, anything that resonates with fun gets a big round of clapping from me.

Like this Parade GM ring.  A close cousin of the also beautiful Osmose ring, the Parade shows its difference in the rope-like twists of silver that make up its surface.  Against the smooth surfaces and planes of my other rings, these texture stands out.  I first tried on this ring in Chicago in 2012, but they only had a size to fit my left ring finger, whereas I wanted something larger.  I’d tried to try it on in Paris in 2011/12, but they didn’t have a size to fit any finger.  So—this winter I simply asked, May I order one?  The woman I work with did (she is really wonderful, she positively glows with kindness), warning it could take six months or even longer since corporate would wait to get several orders before producing it.  Okay, I said.  I’ll wait.

The Parade ring came far more quickly than either of us hoped.  Delight!  Happiness!  Now the season of parading around glove-less, hands full of rings, begins.

What will you be parading around in as the gloves come off?

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  1. Love the silver against those glowing Marwari colure.
    I shan’t be parading ‘sans gants’ as my hands are officially my worst feature ! I don’t like wearing rings and never did, not even a wedding band.
    My non h silver bangle is something I like wearing so long as I’m not wearing a necklace , but in general I’m minimalist with jewellery and don’t like having too much of the stuff.
    The ring looks very elegant , my favourite on you .

    1. A single bangle can be a strong statement if it’s the only piece; the same with a necklace. I personally grow more and more worried about my hands . . . they certainly show my age, and I can never keep them moisturized enough. But somehow, covering them with pretty rings makes such a difference.

  2. All your new silver pieces are beautiful and I can’t believe how perfect they look on you! Such great proportions with your fingers – and this new ring is really a special piece. I love how the texture echos that of your sweater (which is making me regret not stopping by Bompard when I was in Paris, because yes I can totally justify another cream sweater…).

    I want to get another Art Deco ring for my right ring finger, probably a sapphire/diamond combination – but it’s one of those searches that will likely take months until I stumble upon the right one, just like the Trim…

    1. Oh, yes, a cream sweater is worth all justification. I still didn’t find the gray one I’ve been wanting, so that’s top on my list starting next fall . . . A beautiful gray sweater/cardigan is the thing I’ll be justifying.

      Between you and calexandre, my interest in old cut diamonds is going sky high. You both display them so beautifully.

  3. The texture on that ring really is spectacular.

    Now that the weather is warming up, I’ll be wearing a pearl and silver ring that my mother gave me for my 40th birthday back in 2008.

    1. Thank you, Ione.

      A pearl ring! Pearls are moving high on my list of jewelry priorities; I’m hard at work studying them for what I first want. There’s something so calming and beautiful about a beautiful pearl. Wear yours in good health.

  4. I think you’re going to have to get another Wolfe jewelry box! Such a magnificent Hermes silver collection you’re amassing! You say you have big hands but your fingers look long and slim and show off rings well. The texture in this piece is lovely. I would love just a ring post so I could see them in all the different ways you combine them.

    I don’t like my hands either (big with short fingers) so rings have never been my “thing” . When I do wear them, they tend to be dainty. I got the Dior Oui ring for myself on my 50th BD a few years back. I had seen it worn as an engagement ring
    (which I found corny) but, when I read in an interview with Victiore de Castellane that she had originally designed it to mean “yes” to life, I wanted it then and there to celebrate the half century mark. Wear it almost every day. (And when someone asks me if it’s an engagement wring I get peeved. I would never……

    1. That oui ring by Dior is fun, and now that I know more about it, I want one too! Actually, in truth I find Dior jewelry magnificent in design, whether simpler or the more ornate jewels. Someday . . . someday I will find a piece to bring into my life . . . .

      I will work to do a ring post. Maybe calexandre can help—taking pictures of one’s own hands, especially both of them, can be a challenge.

  5. I agree with Maria that you’re soon to need another jewelry box– how exciting! I think you might also need to add a third arm and hand to display all these beauties at all times. These really are lifetime classics you’re acquiring, and even though I know they’re new to you, they look like pieces that have been part of you forever.

    On a more frivolous note, I am jealous of that ring box! My Vertige came in one of the boxes with two pillows pushed together so that there’s a narrow slot in the middle for the ring. You can imagine exactly how well that works with the big fat Vertige. Ha! My Confettis came in an inappropriate box too. I guess this is what I get for buying them overseas rather than from the delightful E., who I am quite certain never puts things in the wrong packaging!

    1. Ha! The boxes can be very nice. And—shhhh—this isn’t an example of a nice one. I don’t understand the whole what box going with what piece, but there are some that are covered with leatherette and are very plush inside. *I’m* envious of those beautiful boxes on behalf of all my other pieces.

      And thank you. Thank you for saying such beautiful things. They *feel* part of me, like I’ve been waiting for years or decades, just waiting for them to appear. Not every piece by Hermes creates that feeling, but H silver does more than most other jewelry besides Baccarat.

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