Vache Naturelle Bolide 35cm, Indigo Chèvre De Coromandel Drag II 37cm, & Black Box Kelly 35cm
Vache Naturelle Bolide 35cm, Indigo Chèvre de Coromandel Drag II 37cm, & Black Box Kelly 35cm

Pre-loved Hermès

Black Chamonix Rugby with Madame et Monsieur carré

Black Chamonix Rugby with Madame et Monsieur carré

Rouge H Chamonix Dalvy with Quadrige Dip Dye GM in Vert Gris and horn pendant

Rouge H Chamonix Dalvy with Quadrige Dip Dye GM in Vert Gris and horn pendant

Building an Hermès collection takes three paths: acquisitions from Hermès boutiques, acquisitions through the pre-loved market, or a mix of both.  While recent years have seen me purchasing more and more from the boutiques—thanks especially to travel, and now a move, that puts those boutiques in physical reach—most of my collection is pre-loved.  That is most certainly the case with my bags, all of which were bought used.

In the previous version of AA, I had a long two-part post about Hermès scarves and how to acquire them.  I gave lots of tips for eBay and such, including links to my favorite consigners.  I’m not quite up to recreating that extensive essay, but I definitely want to share my list of favorite sources for pre-loved Hermès items.  It’s come to my attention that even collectors might not know these names, and that seems a wrong to set right—because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s how beautiful some of the older leathers and scarf designs are.  I wouldn’t want to be without them.

For scarves, there is no one better than Jan of Its–All–Goode.  Jan is one of the scarf authenticators at the Hermès subforum of the Purse Forum, and I’m happy to say that we’re becoming friends now that I’m in NYC.  Jan knows her stuff.  Knows it.  She has years of experience with vintage and newer scarves, and her connections in the collector world generates listings beyond compare.  Her page for Annie Faivre scarves, for instance, would make about any scarf lover cry for joy.  One of Jan’s specialties is color analysis, so if you have any questions about how a scarf will look on you, don’t hesitate to ask.

My favorite consigner for bags is Kaleidoplace—and she also sells great scarves and jewelry.  Like Jan, this consigner focuses exclusively on Hermès and has the connections within the collector world to generate some incredible finds.  My Indigo Drag above . . . That comes from her.  A true joy to work with, Nancy from Kaleidoplace is one of my favorite people from whom to acquire a bag.

Another favorite, favorite, favorite consigner of mine is Docride on eBay.  Docride advises women on the Purse Forum about leather care—all my knowledge about leather conditioning and restoration comes from her.  I’ve used her services for cleaning bags (I personally won’t touch Barenia for cleaning and conditioning, so I know the doctor to call!), and her deep ties to the Hermès subforum means that she gets the creme de la creme of H bags.  There is no one who showcases so much Barenia, VN, and other natural leathers in their store.

Everything coming from these three consigners is authentic Hermès.  Between these three  alone, you could acquire a wide range of styles, leathers, and H accoutrements that will provide you endless joy.  Their prices are also fabulous—another bonus.

Of course there are other consigners I’ve used on occasion—resellers I completely trust:

Haute Gallery

Ann’s Fabulous Finds

Jemz n’ Jewels

Audience on eBay (my rouge vif Jigé came from her…)

cheapfrillsnorth on eBay (my Dalvy came from her…)

jokershill on eBay

sandiaexchange on eBay (the red Kelly comes from him…)

and sparklelisab on eBay

So why share my secrets with you?  Well, if you did even a little bit of research, you’d find these names—all are established and much beloved by collectors.  Besides, it’s easy to give the names of people you trust.  I’ve heard way too many horror stories—as well as have been completely turned off from buying scarves online except from these sources.  Too many fakes.  You have to know what you’re looking for, so why not avail yourself of the expertise of others.

I hope you find a treasure soon! xo

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  1. You’ve listed some of my favorite resellers, esp. Jan, Sam at Haute Gallery, and Ann’s Fabulous Finds. I’ve consigned with Jan and Ann also and have found them both to be knowledgeable, fair, friendly, and honest! Are you editing your scarf/jewelry collection perchance? I feel as if I am spotting some familiar items on IAG (if that is your Tsuba pendant, I feel a bit sad you’ve parted with it, as you inspired me to purchase mine!) I certainly understand the constraints imposed by living in a NYC apartment, though! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the list of resellers. I have used some, but others are new to me. It is very kind of you to share your sources with us. I like your varied styles of Hermes bags. I have had some false starts, and am currently looking for the perfect Hermes bag. I know it is out there, and will try to enjoy the journey.

  3. Another vote for Jan- I bought a lovely scarf from her this week, and several in the past. Shipping to the Uk has always been very quick.

  4. Great resources, and just in time for the holidays 😉

    Ummm… did I miss the reveal of that Indigo Chevre beauty?! ++++!

  5. Many of the resellers I am familiar with, but a few new ones have been added to my bookmarks! Love Jan—her service is so fast & the scarves I have purchased from her have been absolutely beautiful. You got me hooked on Hermes & I see no end in sight. I just feel glorious when wearing anything from Hermes!! Putting on Hermes scarves or jewelry just gives me a smile.

  6. The dreaded import tax has put paid to my shopping away from Europe ,there was a time when four out of five purchases sneaked through .But no longer, ouch it’s too painful!
    There isn’t the huge selection that you all enjoy in US ,but I’ve managed to built up a modest collection even so . I get loads of pleasure looking at YOUR collection and reading all the information you share here. Maybe that’s all I need : I should probably just get one amazing big slouchy tote [and stop looking on Ebay for a Kelly!]
    Something in yummy Italian leather would do .

  7. Great post. Thank you for sharing. I have always silently wondered what your sources were 🙂 Some I knew but some I had never heard of.

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